About Us

About Bigtime Media

Web Design North East

The company was set up in June 2008 and is continuing to grow rapidly mainly due to our reputation for excellent customer satisfaction, we always listen to our clients and never fill them full of jargon that they dont understand.
We pride ourselves as being straight to the point and do our utmost to give our clients exactly what they are looking for.
Our team have had many years experience within this industry and keep on top of all the latest developments to give our clients the best service around and at the best price.

Why choose us?

Because we are passionate about design. Our team is made up of individuals who live and breath design, it’s not just work – it’s a hobby! Not only do we provide you with a unique design, we research your main competitors and will guarantee your site will look and function better than theirs. We make sure your involved in the design phase as much as you like and we stand by the fact that: if you’re not satisfied with the end product, neither are we!